4 All-Time Effective Ways to Market Your Website

Simply designing a website from a leading web development company with all the features won’t get you the customers you need.

For enabling your website to reach your targeted customer, you need to market it. Just like products and services, a website will also require marketing to make individuals aware of it. The internet offers several platforms to you for making your website visible to others.

The following are few ways how you can market your website through those platforms:

  1. Ads

            Search Engines –

Placing ads in search engines and social media is one of the premier ways to make your website reach out to an audience.

Search engines like Google use AdWords to place ads in its search engine results pages (SERP). The AdWords system showcases advertisements to users based on certain keywords relevant to the ad itself.

AdWords follows the Pay-Per-Click mechanism to charge advertisers for their ads. Whenever a user clicks on an ad, Google charges a certain fee from the advertiser.

            Social Media –

Other than Google, social media websites like Facebook and Instagram also offer the option of placing ads to advertisers. A study conducted by Nielsen found that individuals who see an ad in social media are 68% more probable to remember them. Alternatively, you can purchase services such as instagram likes from reputable providers (like Buzzoid). This can help boost your engagement and make your instagram account more influential.

Facebook has demography of users and advertisers can easily target them based on their preferences. They also have a similar Pay-Per-Click program that enables advertisers to pay a fee only when their ad is clicked.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process of making your website or even a content rank higher in the SERP organically. Here, organically means without the use of ads.

Integrating your website with specific keywords that users are more likely to search for can make it visible for them.

Moreover, SEO doesn’t stop with keywords; backlinking a website can also increase traffic to it. Backlinking involves other valid websites integrating the link of yours, which can confirm its popularity.

  1. Email marketing  

Emails are a powerful tool that can target individuals who might be interested in your website and even get turned into customers. Rather than an ad which contains limited information about your website, an email can have abundant of it.

Some individuals need continual cajoling to invite them to a website, and an email does this job the best. Once a person has found the reason to subscribe to emails, a website can continue to send them even more informing them the latest developments and keeping them engaged.

Email marketing still reigns as one of the useful tools in marketing a website in contrast to advertisements.

  1. Blogs

Informative blogs in your website can educate users and invite more of them. Also, writing blogs for other prominent websites and then including a link to yours (backlinking) can also be beneficial in driving traffic.

Adding an About the Author section at the bottom of the blog and including your website URL can bring in new readers and act as an ideal marketing tool.

As of now, these 4 tools are some of the all-time popular ways of marketing a website. With ever evolving technology, more online marketing strategies will also start to come to light.