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Not only are our services best in the industry they also come with 24*7 support during the campaign period. Client also get exclusive access to our web developers, content curators and graphic designers who will help them in improving the outlook of their website.

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The not only helped me with my advertising but also helped me curate my posts to get more people involved in them. I appreciate the professionalism shown by you guys, it’s a rare sight.

Marketing tips to help you grow your brand

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you sell, but about the stories you tell!” Seems kind of true, isn’t it? In this digital age of sharing and posting snippets of life’s every moment on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, market building sees huge scope via such media giants. Brands thrive on media giants as they get the right exposure to reach their target audience within a short span of time. Moreover, an ability to control your online marketing budget also makes it easier for brands to excel via social media marketing.

What is social media marketing?

Branding proves to be the most lucrative side of advanced digital marketing. Producing profitable outcomes within minutes rather than in days and years makes it an upbeat brand building technique. Social media marketing refers to a method of procuring traffic for your brand’s website through active social media networking sites. Statistics say that 30% of the millennial engage with a brand on social media twice a month. Brands should fully invest in such media marketing and concentrate on increasing customer engagement. Linking with customers and turning them into future prospects ensure a stronger base for any brand to grow. Facebook and Twitter occupied most of the social media in the past decade, but other social media hubs like LinkedIn and Instagram have now captured a potential part of brand marketing. Instagram marketing especially seems to be the cool new entry in the club!

For new brands wanting to make a mark on Instagram

  • Switch your brand to a Business Profile Account. Now you can get access to Insta’s analytics tools named Insights. Creating and publishing Insta ads without the dependency on Facebook ad tools becomes a potential branding strategy.
  • Reaching out to your specific audience. On Instagram, it can be easy! Create a content that relates with your brand products so that Insta users can find your products on their insta feed; thus, you find your target audience and set up a healthy marketing.
  • Go for the cross-channel promotion. This method helps to drive traffic back to your Insta business profile. Cross channel promotion generates high exposure to your brand content available on Instagram. As a result, your brand image and awareness both grow widely capturing and enthralling every social media user!
  • Tracking the right metrics, following your brand growth, engagement rate, URL click rate prove important for Instagram marketing! The mentioned metrics along with hashtag interaction growth metrics become effective tools to market your brand image on Instagram. Building a strong Insta ad portal also eases the process.
  • Hashtags have become the new rulers of social media marketing on Instagram! Now with the 10/10/10 hashtag rule, you can use up to 30 Hashtags for your brand products and services. Using brand specific campaign, Hashtags promote your business on Instagram. The brand hashtag acts as your organisation’s marketing slogan. Fun and catchy Hashtags perk up the entire branding!

More Social media strategies to build your brand growth!

  1. Brand Personality – Any lasting brand awareness generates a lasting brand personality. Avoiding shrewd manipulative slogans or false content that does not pertain to your products and services at all which make your company look un-authentic. Social media marketing via platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are a great way to generate traffic only if you post the right content for your customers.
  2. Chatbots – Social messages which come to your brand requires to be answered. But replying to hundreds and thousands of client service queries proves impossible and daunting! However, upcoming brands have finally found an answer to solve this issue – Chatbots. 2018 shows the growth of customizable Chatbots. The Facebook messenger itself hosts around 100,000 chatbots for gathering information and giving product guidance.
  3. Instagram Stories – Insta, to compete with Snapchat, launched Instagram stories and already contains 250 million users. Insta stories became a viable part of Instagram marketing for brand building in 2018! 1 to 5 of such stories created by brands sees minimum 1 message from a consumer. As a result, Instagram stories become a potential engaging medium for marketing brand products. This is closely followed by Instagram followers. Let’s be honest, at some point in your life you’ve probably wondered: how do I buy instagram followers? The market is full of services that offer real (and fake) followers at fairly competitive prices so it’s no surprise this is becoming a popular option, especially since a high follower count on your profile will give off a much more “authoritative” persona.
  4. Calling out Culture to take a Standpoint – The new phenomenon known as social calling out brings added responsibility to any brand’s social media marketing team! Customers turn to social platforms as they see, they have been actually wrong and use networks like a place to make them heard! If something untoward has happened and you as a brand remain quiet, that impacts in your overall marketing! Brands of today have become more active in voicing out their opinions and standing for the right point!
  5. Live Video Content – Live videos are a rage now, all thanks to social media giants like FB and Instagram. In fact, Facebook and Instagram marketing have enabled brands make it a point to go live! By doing this, a brand gets closer to its customers as going live creates a face to face interaction. Generating original and organic video content ensures huge numbers of followers, thus generating worthy fan base for your brand profile!
  6. Customer Friendly Content – Social media hubs have decided to boost content which prove relevant to a particular business’s service. Content now is the true king to retain customers. User friendly content creates a positive attitude on part of the consumers towards the brand. In return, whenever a consumer of your brand product sees content, be it via video or imagery, the name of your brand gets imprinted on his or her mind.

With so many social media tools taking over marketing arena in 2018, it often becomes confusing as to which method you should apply! Whether to opt for Instagram or Facebook or LinkedIn becomes a huge responsibility for any company to select. However, recent trends show an almost aggressive way in which brands have started a huge social media marketing campaign opening up business profiles in each platform. When it comes to marketing your brand, make sure that you have the right “ideas” to conceptualize and market!